How To Survive New York On Three Dates A Week 

A novel, coming Spring 2016

by Brooke Chirone and Corinne Barlow


Besties, Emma Grace and Lizzie Blackwell, are blissfully single living on dreams, shared rides, designer resale, and free samples at Whole Foods. They have amazing friends, jobs they only mildly detest, and men they can pick-up on Friday and throw away with Sunday’s hangover.  

Until the day Emma meets the new panty-dropping CFO, Ethan Jacobs, with her panties down. Literally. But her boss treats her like she can't tie her own shoelaces and she can’t afford an office fling that would surely end in her being fired. Making matters worse her ex, Noah Drake, makes a surprise reappearance into her life. He wasn’t Boyfriend of the Year when they were together, but Emma’s heart has a case of goldfish syndrome and she bounds back into his arms. Maybe this time he's changed.

Lizzie Blackwell is a fast-talking PR assistant who spins drab into fab in both her work and personal life. Some nights she's out painting the town fabulous with her man-du-jour and the next night she's staying in eating Thai take-out in yoga pants Instagramming a picture she found online of the sunset off a Yacht on The Hudson. Exaggeration isn't necessarily lying...

As Emma and Lizzie spin around the revolving door of their social lives, both their worlds are slammed to a halt. Emma is put on a project that takes her from New York to Hong Kong and may be the ruin of her job (and her heart). And when Lizzie crosses the line of professionalism at work to get ahead, she is swiftly placed on leave. To keep the cocktails flowing and the rent paid, she has to accept a very modest job as the assistant to her friend of convenience, Alexis Von Meer, a controlling, entitled real estate heiress, whom Lizzie detests. Lizzie can't afford to make the same mistake twice and Alexis' drool-worthy brother is testing her willpower.

As their worlds continue to unravel, Emma and Lizzie’s finely honed skills are put to the ultimate test of survival, learning it may take more than a few dates to survive this city.